Mary Beecroft


Mary BeecroftPursuing my love of reading and writing has always been a no-brainer for me. There was a time in college when I played it cool and chose “undecided” as my major so that I could feign a vague interest in something normal. But deep down, I knew “undecided” was just a flimsy mask to hide me from that innocent but uncomfortable question from friends and strangers alike, “But what will you do with creative writing?” All I knew was that I couldn’t not write. Stories were turning in my brain, beating in my heart, flowing in my veins. Pretending to want to do anything outside of the literary world seemed like a betrayal of the very essence of me.

Minerva Rising resonated with me not only from a writer’s standpoint, but from a woman’s standpoint. Growing up with an older brother as my ultimate role model, I allowed some twisted notion to seize my subconsciousness, one that told me I should be ashamed of being a girl. Fast forward through meeting some awesome female friends, reading some fantastic women’s literature, and taking a big dose of that little old thing called maturity, and I now realize how incredibly wrong I was. I am so grateful to be a part of a team that promotes women and their stories, that revels in what it means to be female in all its wonderful variety and complexity.

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