Josefa Holland-Merten
Every Bird, Their Hollow Bones
On 02/02/2015 | 0 Comments
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In January, we asked Minerva Rising contributors what comforts them, or conversely, what they removed from their lives, what’s made them uncomfortable.

I decided to make my own short list of what comforts me, to join in:

* That I could name your mind everywhere
* Vermeer’s paintings with that Dutch light shining over women reading letters
* These poems, these: Audre Lorde, Rainer Maria Rilke, May Sarton, Lucille Clifton
* The feeling of a leg feather-kicking the inside of my stomach
* That I was born to love poetry
* The smell of water, the way it scent is like longing and its answering
* Every bird, their hollow bones, what makes flight
* The writings of Teresa of Avila and Julian of Norwich
* The poems that burst at night
* After despair, the light that blooms in my body
* The translucence of rain, as I walk through it to meet you.

I invite you to create your own short list when you need to remember the things that bring you joy, when you need it most.

Photo by: Josefa Holland-Merten

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