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Oh, Mother by Jessica Ciosek
On 05/15/2015 | 3 Comments
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Mother, may I

go to him,

my brother

slave to the needled beast


Mother, may I

love him

the way you never did


Mother, may I

rest his broken

heart at your feet


Mother may you

mend that heart,

shattered and addled,

for the weary lot of us


We are broken

all of us

we seek reasons

before purpose


But I know you –

a mother myself,

we do

what’s best for the children


We don the muddy

cloak of self-hatred

when they lose


We are

all of us


for each other


Mother, may I

remind you

a mother’s love can cure

a mother’s love can heal

a mother’s love is the most potent antidote

to the trauma of life


Mother, may I

know what prevents you

Mother may you

know forgiveness

Mother may you

know love


Mother, may I

cradle your

shattered heart,

mend it with

my own mother love



may I




A note about this piece: I feel compelled to explain that my family is, as I write, tangled in a challenge with no easy solutions surrounding our most beloved brother.  Blame flies wildly around the cell phone clouds that float over three time zones, but after the anger, after the finger pointing, we each have come to sadness and through that sadness to a new understanding of ourselves and one another, and perhaps, at long last, to a place of forgiveness for the human flaws that flummox us all.  This poem reflects the raw emotion I find myself drowning in as my family and I try to come to terms with a heart-wrenching situation we all saw coming but were, nevertheless, not at all prepared for.


Jessica Ciosek is a writer living in NYC with her family.  Her story, “Aunt Ruth’s Purse” exploring a different kind of family crisis/tragedy appears in the Mothers issue of Minerva Rising.

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