A Reminder to Myself of What I Love by Jane Ellen Glasser
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Editor’s note: This month, we asked Minerva Rising contributors: What comforts you? Conversely, what doesn’t comfort you? Tell us what you find solace in, or what you’ve removed from your life.


A Reminder to Myself of What I Love

Slipping into an envelope

of clean sheets;

anything that goes

by the name of comforter;

dreams that outstay

waking’s whiteout;

snake wisdom

in letting go

of the outgrown;

a blank day;

bagels, doughnuts, anything

that says it’s OK

to be empty at its center;

moving out of the penthouse

of my head;

the alchemy of touch;

big weather;

twilight’s reprieve;


the little engine

of morning coffee;

cappuccino jelly beans;

by the roadside,

a golden spill of daffodils;

a tree’s root and reach;

a mountain cabin beside

a singing creek;

the meditation of

an egret’s ellipse;

good manners;

blue cheese;

a squall’s heavy drapery

sweeping toward shore;

bursting from a tree,

a ragged scarf

of blackbirds.


Jane Ellen Glasser’s poetry has appeared in such journals as Georgia Review, Hudson Review and Virginia Quarterly Review. Her work has won numerous awards, including the Tampa Review Prize for Poetry for her book Light Persists, and the Poetica Publishing Award for her chapbook The Long Life. Her sixth collection, Cracks, is due out from FutureCycle Press in 2015.

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