Journal Issue 11: Sisterhood

Sisterhood is global and it is personal and it is political. If social media images of Syrian women eeing war, of Afghanistanian women shot while pursuing their right to an education, of African- American women watching their men die in the front seat of their cars doesn’t rock you to your core and offend your sensibilities as a woman, you need to check your pulse. As women, we owe it to our sisters around the world to sit up and go to bat. As mothers, daughters, friends, lovers, sisters, we stand together. In the words of the great Maya Angelou, a poet we like to quote frequently here at Minerva Rising, “We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike.”

Within these pages, you will nd evidence of an indelible, undeniable alikeness that will resonate with you whether you have a biological sister or not.


Journal Issue 10: Body Image

The women in this issue of Minerva Rising examine that shame and reclaim their bodies, image by lovely, stirring image. Alison Townsend’s “Brief Inventory at 60” asks, “How is it this body your 83-year-old stepmother says she envies still shelters you so well, faithful as an old dog, despite never being fully loved by you?” Robin van Eck’s “She’s so Fat” draws us into the anguish a woman feels as her weight becomes a problem in her relationship. Barbara Knott’s “Golden Orb Weaver” takes us from a routine mammogram to the deathbed of a breast-cancer-stricken friend, while Hannah Marshall’s “El Shaddai” transports us to the center of a prayer circle where we can almost hear voices raised to ancient spirits, where the faithful “dance without feet and sing without tongue.”

We hope the stories, essays, poems, and art in “Body Image” will leave you personally claiming Amy Bloom’s words as true: “You are imperfect, permanently and inevitably awed. And you are beautiful.”

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2016 Novella Winner

By Julie Stielstra

Pilgrim is unique and revelatory. The characters are slowly, perfectly revealed. They are human, authentic, real enough to step from the page. It is a perfect work, and I am in awe of its writer.

— 2016 Contest Judge, Erika Robuck

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2016 Chapbook Winner

By Kami Westhoff

Sleepwalker makes it very difficult for you to hide. From the first poem, there is a discomfort that slowly unfolds into a horror so real that it’s hard to keep faith in the goodness of humanity.

—  2015 Contest Judge, Erin Elizabeth Smith

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