Novella Contest

shutterstock_280704245Our first novella contest! We're so proud to announce that Erika Robuck, author of Call Me Zelda, is our judge. Contest runs from Sept. 1 - Nov. 1. Click here for more information.

Chapbook Contest

dare to be gummy bearsCan you believe it? Our 3rd Annual "Dare to Be" Poetry Chapbook Contest! Wow judge Erin Elizabeth Smith with your interpretation of what Dare to Be means to you. Contest runs from Sept. 1 - Nov. 1. Click here for more information.

2015 Chapbook Winner

The Revolution Will Have Its SkyThe Revolution Will Have Its Sky
By Maria Garcia Teutsch

This poetry isn't out to convert, but to advert. It doesn’t pledge allegiance or invest in transcendent causes, but rather observes signs of war, wars of sex, hexes of communication. It won’t hallow a transparency; it won’t turn away from an execution. This work’s occasions are implicated in its materials: with trompes l’oeil, jacks and johns, sleights of hand, this poetry registers some serious claims and obligations. Seeing illusions attached to engagements, uses to ubiquities, profanities to idealism, privates to a general, The Revolution Will Have Its Sky reminds us enlistees (whether in grays or blues, whether in wishes or words, whether in war or love) how down-and-dirty signing up can be. --Contest judge Heather McHugh
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2015 Chapbook Runner-up

Who Was I to Say I Was AliveWho Was I to Say I Was Alive
By Kelly Nelson

The pretexts of Kelly Nelson’s poems--a young girl learning to shoot, seeing a colleague holding hands with a woman not his wife, reading a prison inmate’s poems--are in themselves charismatic. But what really distinguishes Who Was I to Say I Was Alive are the ways that casual tonalities, economical images, sudden small movements, surprising disclosures or refusals to disclose, all act to put pressure on the poems’ anecdotal surfaces. And then the same elements act as relief valves. In poem after poem you feel you’ve been through something. Put another way, these poems are little bombs going off. Or surprise packages left at the door. --Daisy Fried, author of Women’s Poetry: Poems and Advice

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