Journal Issue 14: Ripples

The writers and artists in this issue of Minerva Rising have taken up the mantle of expressing the humanness of doubt and fear in the face of uncertainty.

In “Wedding,” a couple marries “in the bitter, breath-taking winter.” Kay Holten writes, “We had planned to have a summer wedding, but the rise of a new political regime hurried us along . . . . I had written vows in a moment of pure love in the week following our engagement, and those remained the same, too, though some of the lines took on a more somber tone than I had originally meant . . . . I promise to fight for you and to love you fiercely.”


Journal Issue 13: Home

We are proud to bring you this issue of Minerva Rising, in which our writers explore the homefront from many angles. Ginny Short, poet of the eerily staunch and beautiful “The Hawk and the House,” writes,

The landscape of home is capricious, sometimes bright, sometimes murky. Home is where we started, where we are and where we will be. For me, home is the road I am always traveling. I write to create a hot air balloon to lift me to a place where I can see the landscape of road and home, to follow, discover all of its contours, the heartbreakingly beautiful and the stunningly brutal. It’s all home.

Home is a gut reaction; a longing, an escape. Home is mind made of fog and light, feelings woven of gossamer and shrouds. Home resides in the genes that craft our bodies, shines in the light from our eyes. It is a discovery, a journey, a place of becomings, of reckonings, of beginnings. Home colors our skies, crosses our rivers, climbs our mountains. No, you can’t go home again, but you can’t escape it either.


Journal Issue 12: Fathers

The contributors in this issue examine the fragile connection we all have with the man who gave us life. They offer a myriad of understandings and misunderstandings, beliefs, shattered memories, grief and turmoil as well as respect and admiration. Alexandra Barylski, one of our featured poets, tells us in her poem “Conversations & Unbelief,” “Daughters are not permitted to understand their fathers.” She goes on to say:

“Life will bring you many misfortunes, but you will find your happiness in them, and you will bless life and will make your life a blessing for others— which is what matters most.”


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Cover JPEGPreorder Love & a Loaded Gun

The poems in Love & the Loaded Gun are about characters from history, pop culture, mythology, and the literary canon who are exploding for one reason or another—either because love is so impossible, because they are driven by rage to commit acts of revenge, or because they feel the burden of being a woman whose role it is to bear the world. They are also connected by apron strings, by bird feathers, by prayer, by love and its antidote, the loaded gun we point at our own weaknesses as well as our social preconceptions about feminism and womanhood. This collection, guised as myriad voices through time, serves as megaphone for the ages. This book has “arrived armed with love / & a loaded gun.” Our winning poet takes aim with the weapon of her words, “a bullet they won’t ever see coming,” and shoots a hole straight through the ceiling of glass.

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2016 Novella Winner

By Julie Stielstra

Pilgrim is unique and revelatory. The characters are slowly, perfectly revealed. They are human, authentic, real enough to step from the page. It is a perfect work, and I am in awe of its writer.

— 2016 Contest Judge, Erika Robuck

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2016 Chapbook Winner

By Kami Westhoff

Sleepwalker makes it very difficult for you to hide. From the first poem, there is a discomfort that slowly unfolds into a horror so real that it’s hard to keep faith in the goodness of humanity.

—  2015 Contest Judge, Erin Elizabeth Smith

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