A Winter Story by Alice Campbell Romano
On 03/21/2014 | 2 Comments
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Today was the day to shovel
sky clean
snow clean
breath sharp to our marrow.
We know we will be all right
really we will
but I remember the story our mother told.
The farmer was away when the blizzard struck,
the first that winter of many blizzards
that buried his farm in snow, then ice.
He’d gone over the mountain
to fetch the doctor
and he could not get home,
not for months.
The larder was stocked,
the cows had hay to winter over,
the chickens grain.
The biggest girl knew what to do.
The mother died. Of course she did.
It was nobody’s fault.
The children kept her in the shed
and when the way was open
the farmer found his children
even the newest babe
alive and his wife in the soft spring ground.

Alice Campbell Romano, February 1014

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Emily Shearer Posted 03/24/2014 at9:13 AM   Reply

I love a poem that gives me chills, and this one did!

Alice Romano Posted 04/23/2014 at3:19 PM   Reply

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Dear Emily,

Thank you for your comment.
This story happened, here in NYS, back in the 1880’s.
Certainly it happened many other times in other places.
We are so fortunate in our time…but as the climate changes, our good fortune and that of our children’s children will surely change.


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