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Roots: June 1 - August 15


“I am rooted, but I flow.” 
― Virginia Woolf

ROOTS nourish and anchor, providing stability and grounded-ness. They are the foundation of our values and the source of our comfort and discontent.

We want to read about your ROOTS, particularly as they relate to global relations, culture, and the environment.

Previous Themes

Ripples [Publication date - Summer 2017]


“A stone has been cast into the reliable immutable pond of the past, and as the ripples subside everything appears different. The reflections are quite other; everything has swung and shattered, it is all beyond recovery” 
― Penelope LivelyThe Photograph

When the unexpected happens, the effects go on and on like RIPPLES in the water. The uncertainty, doubt and fear can make us question what we thought we knew and who we are. 

Whether from the personal or the political, we want to read what RIPPLES have stirred in you.

Submission Guidelines

Minerva Rising is a tri-annual literary magazine that publishes original essays, interviews, short stories, short shorts, memoirs, poetry, photography and artwork. All work should address the theme of the current issue. Please no journalistic features, academic works or opinion pieces. We are open to just about any topic so surprise us. We offer a contributor's copy and a small stipend for accepted submissions. We purchase first publication rights. All other rights revert to the author upon publication. Simultaneous submissions are allowed as long as you inform us as soon as possible if the work is accepted elsewhere. We will rarely run anything longer than seven thousand words; there's no minimum word length. We do not need a query letter except perhaps with interviews.

There is a $15 reading fee* for each work submitted. We try to respond within three months. You will not receive feedback on your work; only whether or not it was accepted for publication.

  • Submissions should be typed and double-spaced. Poems may be single-spaced and you may submit up to three poems for a single reading fee.
  • Photos should be submitted as a JPG and no more than 2MB. You may submit up to three photos for a single reading fee. If your submission is selected we will contact you to obtain a high-resolution image.
  • We only accept electronic submissions. Please, do not mail or fax submissions. Submissions received in this manner will not be acknowledged or considered.
  • Be sure that you remove all identifying information, such as your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address, from your submitted work.

Thank you for joining the Minerva Rising conversation.

*Reading fees assist in paying the writers and artists we publish and the women-based charities Minerva Rising supports. If you would like to submit, but are unable to meet our reading fee please contact us